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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Prof. Linus goes to Minnetonka High School

Today I decided to get him out of the house and brought him along to school with me! He didn't take much coaxing because he was very eager to do some field research about highschoolers. He popped on his backpack in hopes of blending in- he informed me that the best kind of psychological experiment is one in which the researcher assimilates himself into the group being studied. I told him he'd still probably turn heads, being a penguin and all, but it sounded like fun!

He had a great time in ceramics with me, although he kept his distance as to not get dirty. In the writing center he worked on the computer typing some complex mathematical analysis of the centrifugal motion of the pottery wheel he had previously been enthralled watching-- it was all way over my head but he kindly stopped to help me work on my poem for my later poetry workshop class. In my Spanish class he learned with me about the encierro, or Running of the Bulls. I found out he's fluent in Spanish, which was good because I didn't have to translate the presentation! Another highlight of the day was when we went outside to workshop our poems in our workshop- for a penguin, he loved the 70+ degree weather, but was mad he left his shades at home. He gave a lot of really good advice about everyone's poems they read and was very helpful! He also tried out his artistic side in my drawing class. I think he had a really fun day... I would say everyone learned something from him... I wonder what conclusions his study of highschoolers drew?

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  1. Looks like the Professor had a great day at school! And how clever of him to blend in! ;) Can't wait to read more about your adventures together!